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Q: What libraries does the editor require?
A: The editor is dependent upon the following libraries (and their respective dependencies):
  • wxWidgets 2.8.6+
  • libxml2
  • OpenGL

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Q: How can I get the source code of the editor?
A: You can either download the source code package from this site or get it from sourceforge using a SVN client such as Tortoise SVN.

Checkout using the URL rme

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Q: What compiler should I use?
A: It is highly recommended that you use Visual Studio 2008, which can be downloaded here (Make sure to pick the C++ version).

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Q: How do I compile wxWidgets? (Windows)
A: Follow the tutorial here.

There is one thing you must change though. Between steps 5 and 6, open your wxWidgets directory, browse to include\wx\msw\setup.h and change:

#define wxUSE_GLCANVAS 0


#define wxUSE_GLCANVAS 1