General Usage

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Q: How do I rotate items?
A: Use the z and x keys at your keyboard.

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Q: How do I drag with the brush/selection tool like in the video?
A: Hold down shift and drag with the mouse.

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Q: How do I remove PZ/No Logout Zone/PVP zone/No PVP zone?
A: Hold down the CTRL key while drawing to erase. This works with any brush.

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Q: Is there any way to move around on the map easier than using the scrollbars?
A: Yes, hold down the center mouse button and move your mouse. You can change this to the right mouse button in the Preferences.

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Q: How do I use the erase tool?
A: Select the erase tool in the "tools" section.

If you just click the left mouse button you'll only remove items at the current position.

If you hold down ctrl while clicking with the left mouse button you'll delete both items and ground tiles.

If you hold down shift and the left mouse button you can select an area of where you want to delete all items.

If you hold down ctrl, shift and the left mouse button you can select an area of where you want to delete all items and all ground tiles.

Unless you uncheck the option "Eraser leaves unique items" in the preferences menu the eraser will not delete containers with items in them or items with unique and/or action id.

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Q: How do I zoom in and out?
A: Use your scroll-wheel or the / and * buttons on the numpad. You can reset zoom by holding down ctrl and clicking the center mouse button.

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Q: I can't find a certain item, where is it?
A: You can find all items using the RAW Palette or search for it by pressing J (Jump to item) on your keyboard. You can search for both item names and IDs. A list with all brushes found for your search string will appear in a list below. If you want to only search for items, click CTRL+J, a message will display in the status bar notifying you of the change.

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Q: Can I set my own hotkeys?
A: Yes, when you have a brush selected, press CTRL + any of the numkeys (0-9) (at the top of the keyboard, not the numpad) to set that brush to a specific hotkey. Hit just the numkey to recall the same brush.

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Q: The brushes are not displaying the variations I want it to! Can I change the variation a brush will place?
A: Hold down CTRL and click space while having the doodad brush selected and the preview will change.

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Q: How do I convert the map to another client version?
A: Click on the Map menu, then Properties and change the client version, then click OK to make the change.

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Q: Can I use the editor to take screenshots?
A: Yes you can. Press F11 anytime you have a map open and a screenshot will be saved in the ss subfolder of the installation directory. You can select the format of the outputted image in the Preferences.

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Q: I can't place doodads on water! How do I do that?
A: You can hold down ALT to place a doodad on a blocking tile.

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Q: Where can I get Tibia version xxx?
A: Here.