The Editor

Remere's Map Editor is a map editor for the OpenTibia Project which was (obviously) created by Remere.

Development began during the summer of 2007 due to Remere's frustration of the only map editor available at the time SimOne's Map Editor, as it did not operate under 64-bit systems at the time and was only available for Windows.

In the early days of development the map editor used a software renderer through wxWidgets for cross-platform compatibility. However, it was soon realized that this solution was too slow as rendering speed was crippled during by loading.

Later on the editor switched to hardware rendering using OpenGL and more advanced controls were implemented, among them was a much more powerful selection tool than was offered by SimOne's editor and undo functionality, which was included from the very beginning.

After that saving of maps were added and the first stages of autobordering were added. As time progressed more and more parts of the mappers ardous work were automated leading to a more smooth experience.


People who have donated to this noble project! Not so many yet, but noble they are!

  • Master Spoking (at OTFans)
  • TriasOT
  • Znote (at OTLand)